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4 Tips to Pick Best Laptop Bag

Laptop bags can be divided into computer backpackslaptop handbags and single-shoulder computer bags according to the way they are carried. The common ones may be handbags and single-shoulder bags. According to the materials used, it can also be divided into leather bags and fabric materials bags.

Before we buy a good laptop bag, we should determine which bag is more suitable for us according to personal habits and hobbies firstly. In most situations, computer bags are preferred by professionals. For example, business people should choose a formal, portable laptop bag, which will help establish a good professional and formal image of the company or individual. Professionals who travel frequently can pick up a laptop bag which is more convenient to carry such as computer backpacks. While, young people who pursue fashion prefer to choose a bright and lively backpack , which can better show the enthusiasm and publicity of them.

4 Tips to Pick Best Laptop Bag 1

In most situations, the leather bag has a higher safety factor. The style of leather laptop bags is generally old-fashioned and more professional. So, professionals who want to buy a laptop bag usually make it as the first choice. However, in most situations, the price of a leather bag is more expensive and the corners are easier to wear because of the material. 

4 Tips to Pick Best Laptop Bag 2

Compared with leather bags, fabric laptop bags are relatively cheaper and durable. In addition, there are a variety of styles of poly fabric computer bags in different colors. Some styles of fabric computer bags are perfectly suitable for some official situations. You can also consider laptop bags made of fabric material at ease when you want to change your bag. 

4 Tips to Pick Best Laptop Bag 3

Fabric material computer bag can be used in many occasions. If you want to carry a lot of odds and ends, you can choose the style with spare pockets in your bag, so that there is plenty of space for various accessories, such as your CD, mobile phone, PDA, etc. Magicase laptop briefcase is made of environment-friendly canvas poly fabric which is durable and water-repellent. We carefully design each computer bag to satisfy different needs of our customers.

In addition, the sizes of bags should also be selected according to your notebook. Of course, the color of the bag also needs to be considered. The following are four factors you should consider before you buy a computer bag. Now, let’s go through these useful tips.

1. Check the protection layer of the bag

Check the protection layer of the bag

We buy laptop bags to protect our valuable laptops from harm, which is very important. In order to protect your laptop, the bag must have strong resistance to shocks, otherwise the bag will be damaged if it falls on the ground. It is best to choose the laptop bag with the inner liner, at least with a high-density foam sponge interlayer. 

If there is an air cushion protection, it would be even better. This inflatable cushion design is currently the most advanced in the world. It is inspired by the shock-absorbing principle of air-cushioned running shoes. The built-in inflatable cushion can make the notebook feel like it is on an air bed. It can resist ordinary shakes, bumps and falls.

2. Waterproofness and toughness of the bag

Generally, the inner layer of the notebook special bag is designed with a waterproof layer. It will protect your computer in rainy days when you are outside. Computer bags will be tested for splashing water before they are sold the market. For example, all laptop bags of Magicase are tested for splashing water before leaving the factory. The waterproofness must reach a high standard that can fully withstand normal splashing and rain. As we all know, humidity is not conductive to most electronic products like computers. Therefore, choosing a good waterproof computer bag is of great importance.

On the other hand, sometimes after using your bag for a period of time, or when you are running, the notebook will suddenly falls out of the bag which may damage your laptop. If you don’t want this to happen, you must first choose a good computer bag made of durable and tough material.  The durability of the bag is very important. High-quality laptop bags must be strictly tested in this respect before they leave the factory.

3. Accessories of computer bags 

Accessories of computer bags

Don’t underestimate the accessories on the laptop bag, sometimes these accessories are the killer that may hurt the laptop. The upper parts of the computer bag include zippers, hooks, and handles. Take the hook of the bag as an example. A good hook must be able to withstand a pulling force of at least 80kg, so as to ensure that it will not break when subjected to strong tension, and that it will not fall off and cause damage to the notebook.

Accessories of computer bags 2

In addition, the handle on the bag is also an important part of a bag. A perfectly designed handle can evenly distribute the weight of the entire notebook bag and improve carrying comfort. When we carry the bag with a well-designed handle, we will feel more convenient to take heavy things. Generally, good quality bags will have the following accessories: a reinforced non-slip rubber handle which makes them feel good to hold and spacers separating the bags which can effectively preventing the notebook from being touched or scratched. Besides, multiple compartments can also hold various files and accessories.

4. The unique design of different bag manufacturers

The unique design of different bag manufacturers

Different manufacturers have their own unique designs on their products. For example, some bags even have a security alarm function, which will remind the owner when they forget it, or they can also play a defensive role when encountering thieves. There is also Magicase high-end model laptop bag LGX-713 series that integrates the design of the trolley case with the laptop bag. The bag is equipped with rollers and telescopic trolleys, which can be dragged and moved directly when carrying a large number of items on a business trip. You can also consider these unique designs when shopping.

All in all, we need to consider 4 aspects of a computer bag before we get a good one. We’d better check the protection layer and other accessories of the laptop bags firstly. Besides, the waterproofness and toughness of the bag is also important. At last, choose a well-desighed laptop bag. Are you ready to find a perfect laptop bag for yourself now?


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