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Best Bag Manufacturer in China: 3 Tips to Help You Find It

When you want to search for the best manufacturers in China and find your target, you may be confused by flooding of information about this topic. 

On Google, there is a lot of content about lists about Chinese best manufacturers such as “Top 10 best bag manufacturers in China”, and “The Top 30 bag manufacturers in China 2021”. Others may be related to some questions like “Where can I find the best bag manufacturer in China?” or “How to find the best bag manufacturer in China?”. 

Now that you’ve already got a lot of information about how to find a Chinese best bag manufacturer, I won’t waste your time going through the same content. This passage will sum up the basic information about the bag market in China and summarise 3 tips to help you find a perfectly-matched bag manufacturer.

I hope that these three tips I will mention in the following content will give you some inspiration in the process of searching for a good partner.

Tip 1: Figure out what is the overall market of bag manufacturers in China like

As we all know, China is the biggest developing country in the world and stands out in the manufacturing industry. Chinese bag manufacturer is also a competitive existence in the global luggage industry market.

According to the data, the Chinese luggage industry’s market scale has grown faster in recent years and the growth speed is far ahead of the global level. From the development trend of the global luggage industry, the expansion of the Chinese luggage market will lead the global industry scale to continue to rise.

Source: Foresight Industrial Research Institute

All in all, Chinese luggage market will continue to develop in the next few years. Due to the relatively mature market of luggage manufacturing industry in China and the low entry threshold of the industry, there are a large number of luggage enterprises in China. But no leading enterprises with monopoly advantages have been formed at present. 

In recent years, with the increase in the income level of Chinese residents, the increase of the number of tourists has led to the expansion of the size of the luggage market. Meanwhile, the export of bags and suitcases from bag manufacturers in China is also growing. Chinese bag suppliers start a good business relationship with overseas companies. 

In the context of consumption upgrading, consumers’ demand for bags and suitcases presents a trend of individualization. In addition to the basic functional design, the new requirements will promote the design of personalized elements of the case and bag, such as appearance design, theme design, color matching, pattern layout, opening mode, etc. 

While taking into account the functionality and fashion, the future of China’s luggage industry will develop to intelligence. In the context of “Internet +” and “Internet of Things” and other intelligent era, bags with intelligent elements and accessories can better connect with terminals such as mobile phones to realize information exchange and data recording, etc., which is convenient for users to use.

Take Magicase as an example, our computer backpacks as well as laptop bags, have a built-in USB port which is convenient to charge your mobile phone. Apart from that, we focus on both the functionality and individuality of our products. According to various needs of different bags and cases, we will offer custom service to give you a special design of the product.

To sum up, Chinese market of bags and cases is developing rapidly in the global market. Many bag manufacturers in China make constant innovation in the design process to meet the needs of “new customers”. The role of Chinese manufacturers is increasingly moving to the front, rather than the role of back-end manufacturers.

Therefore, if you already have a new impression of Chinese manufacturer now, you may need to look for a new way of cooperation with Chinese bag manufacturer. 

Tip 2: Know where can you find best bag manufacturers in China

In China, there are 5 famous bag manufacturing regions. 

The first place is Guangzhou city, a famous manufacturing hub and the capital of China’s leather goods. As we all know, Guangzhou is famous for making high-end handbags. 

Quanzhou is another one, a famous port in China which is close to Guangzhou. You can choose to visit bag manufacturers in Quanzhou if you want to make sports laptop travel bags.

Everyone knows that Yiwu is a well-known Chinese city with the largest commodity wholesale market in the world. That means you can find almost all kinds of bags and cases there. But you’d better do a investigation first or you may be lost in the market.

In Northern China, Baigou town is another large hub of bag manufacturing industry which is good at producing middle and low-end luggage. 

The fifth city is Pinghu. There are many China’s large luggage manufacturers in Pinghu. You may find your cooperative partner here.

Apart from regions I mentioned above, there are also other luggage production bases in China such as Qingdao base, Shanghai base, Jiangsu base and so on. 

In general, it’s more convenient to focus on large several bag manufacturing bases and look for a proper bag manufacturer. However, with the development and change of the bag manufacturing industry, a lot of competitive bag manufacturers flooded in to the field with advanced technology and new ideas.

For example, there are also many good bag manufacturers in Jiangsu bag manufacturing base such as Magicase. As the eastern coastal region of China, Jiangsu belongs to the Yangtze River region, and its economic development level is among the top in China. The manufacturing production level of Jiangsu has also been leading in China.

Generally speaking, Jiangsu luggage production base is also a gathering area for many good luggage manufacturers in China. As one of them, Magicase has advanced manufacturing technology, large production base, production of a wide variety of bags, and has the ability to carry out mass production of bags. At the same time, due to the geographical convenience, close to the airport and port, conducive to export trade.

Bigger doesn’s means better. The most important factor you have to consider is the matching degree. Firstly, you need to make clear what your target products are. Then, find a perfectly matched one. 

Tip 3: Learn how to pick up a good Chinese bag manufacturer

Now, you’ve already known the basic information about China’s bag manufacturing market industry. What you need to do now is to learn how to pick up a best bag manufacturer for yourself. Here I will give you some advices.

Firstly, you have to be clear about your own needs. At least you must be very clearly about the following questions: What kind of bags you want to make, who your audience is, what are your biggest requirements for the product and so on. The more specific you know your needs and requirements, the easier you find a best and proper bag manufacturer. Once you know this, you’ll be in a better position to find the bag manufacturer that matches you.

Generally, most bag manufacturers will have their own advantages on some specific products. When your needs and its advantages are perfectly matched, you’re almost halfway there. Besides, bag manufacturers specializing in the production of a certain type of luggage will have an advantage in this area.

Secondly, you need to consider the size of the manufacturer. Large manufacturers are relatively more standardized than small enterprises, both in terms of products and transaction process, which can avoid cooperation risks to a certain extent. Of course, the price of large manufacturers is not necessarily the most favorable. 

However, if you are more concerned about the cost, you can compare some medium-sized and large enterprises, ask about the overall situation of different manufacturers, and then choose the most appropriate one.

At last, when you have found some target manufacturers, you’d better check the overall situation of the manufacturer itself. You need to make use of the Chinese enterprise research website such as National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System, Tian Yan Cha and so on. (Note: you need to contect to the network in China before you enter these website. )

As we know, when talking with salespeople, most of the information they convey will be exaggerated. So in order to more truly understand the situation of the enterprise, you can do private research to avoid being cheated by them.

Except from some points I mentioned above, you may be also concerned about the delivery time, cooperative brand and design capability of the manufacturer and other specific information. To know more details, you need to have a deep communication with some bag manufacturers.

Final Thoughts

Only after you have done a thorough investigation can you make a better choice. At the same time, in the research process, you might as well communicate with different vendors online to get more detailed information, more comprehensive and detailed information to help you make better judgments.

In addition, although I said above that large-scale companies will be more reliable, as long as you are willing to spend more time investigating, some small and medium-sized companies will also be a good choice. Sometimes they provide products that are more cost-effective. Communication with them is smoother.

If you have more questions about the luggage industry and are interested in this product, welcome to contact us, we will share what we know with you as comprehensively and sincerely as possible.


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