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How to Choose a Best Backpack for Travel? Guide for 2021

For people all over the world, travel is a very popular activity in their free time. During the holidays, many people will want to travel, to experience different scenery and different life. As for Travel, the most important thing is to relax yourself, let yourself escape from the busy work or study life, and get a short leisure time.

In the process of preparing for a trip, it is very necessary to choose a great travel backpack. As an indispensable item for traveling, an easy-to-use travel backpack can make your travel easy.

“The backpack is freedom.”

Every time you travel, whether it’s a short trip or a long trip, you have to bring a lot of things. When packing up, you will often find that there are more things to bring than you think. In addition to some daily essential items, some people will also bring some hobby-related items, such as books, cameras, ipad and so on. 

Laptop Backpack for 15.6 Inch Travel Business Computer Backpack

1. Make sure the size of the backpack

The time for a short trip is generally no more than 3 days. In most situations, we choose a backpack of about 18L, which is 725px long * 375px wide * 1075px high just as the size of the backpack we usually carry. It can save money and avoid waste. At the same time, a smaller backpack is also easier to carry, and will not be too cumbersome during the journey.

However, if it is a long-distance trip, the travel destination is relatively long, and the travel cycle is long, then a relatively large backpack is needed. You’d better choose the best backpack for long term travel. At the same time, if you want to take an airplane, you need to consider whether your backpack can be carried on the airplane. The boarding size is 55cm*40cm*20cm.

Backpacking is the most secure way to travel. The pleasure of getting off the plane and walking away is the first second of your “freedom” experience after landing. A travel backpack with a large enough capacity and an all-inclusive design that can hold the boarding size tightly is a reliable travel backpack.

All in all, the size of the travel backpack needs to be suitable for your journey. A perfect backpack can make your journey experience better.

2. Choose a backpack suitable for the travel scene

Generally speaking, ordinary backpacks are enough for regular city trips or scenic trips, because you may have to wait in line, go through security checks, and get things at any time, so too complicated backpacks are not suitable.

A simple and easy-to-open backpack design is fine. At the same time, on the basis of the practicality of the backpack, you can also consider the appearance of the backpack. Choose a style you like. The beautiful appearance can also make the journey better.

Of course, if we use backpacks in a special scene, for example, you need to camp outside, or travel scenic spots where you need to climb mountains or hike, then it’s a different matter. It is best to choose a professional mountain climbing bag or a professional travel backpack for camping in order to put some necessary equipment.

3. Choose a backpack with a breathable carrying system

In travel, backpacks are usually carried for a long time, but if you carry them for a long time, you will inevitably sweat. With a breathable mesh barrier between the back and the backpack, it will make people feel a lot more comfortable, especially when traveling in summer, it is very important that the backpack system has a breathable function.

4. Choose best backpack with USB charging port

At the moment, if you ask what is the thing you must not miss when traveling? I think most people will answer: mobile phones. Indeed, nowadays, electronic products have become an indispensable part of many people’s lives, and when traveling, everyone will inevitably bring some electronic devices, as well as corresponding chargers and power banks with accessories.

In this case, choosing a backpack with a USB interface and a headphone interface will save a lot of trouble. At the same time, the built-in interface on the backpack is more convenient for everyone to charge and listen to songs during the journey. Therefore, the best backpack with usb charging port, or the travel backpack with laptop compartment, will be a better choice for your journey.

5. Travel Backpack with wheels

For people traveling long distances, everyone is accustomed to taking a suitcase out of the house, because this can minimize the burden of the journey. However, we know that during the journey, not all roads are suitable for suitcases. Even if there are no elevators and only stairs, carrying suitcases will increase the pressure of the journey.

The backpack with wheels can solve this problem to a great extent. This is a travel backpack with wheels. In other words, you can carry it on your back during the journey. At the same time, when the road conditions are better, you can also use it as a luggage case which can be pushed around. Suitcase backpack with wheels has great flexibility and are very convenient for people traveling long distances. They can freely choose to roll or carry them with them.

6. Pay attention to the details of the backpack

With the continuous improvement of backpack production technology and the continuous changes in modern people’s needs, the designs of different brands or different types of backpacks are very different. Therefore, when choosing a suitable travel backpack, you need to pay attention to its details, which can facilitate your travel to the greatest extent.

Which parts should we pay attention to? The main thing is to pay attention to the internal structure of the backpack, like some hidden pockets. The small mezzanine inside the backpack can hold important documents, passports, cash, etc., and it is also convenient for you to find and take out when you need it. Some backpacks have an internal padded sandwich design suitable for placing a computer. A travel backpack with laptop compartment is suitable for some business people who have work needs. 

The above are some applicable suggestions compiled by the editor, I hope it can be helpful to you. If you need to buy a large number of high-quality travel backpacks, you can contact us for more product specific information. 

Magicase is a Chinese manufacturer specializing in the production of luggage cases and bags. As a professional high-end backpack manufacturer in China, we produce all kinds of high-end travel backpacks, which is suitable for different people. Please feel free to inquiry us!


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