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How to Store The Trolley Case Correctly?

A luggage case is a necessary product for everyone, but not all the time can be used. in addition to travel, a trolley case is idle most of the time and is forgotten in the corner. 

Sometimes when the trolley case is taken out for use again, the suitcase is often covered with dust and dirt because of a long peried of idleness.  In some cases, the luggage case may be distorted due to improper storage. Then how to store the trolley case when not in use? This article will introduce some tips about it.

Tips for storage of trolley cases:

  1. Do some cleaning before putting away the trolley case. For the material of the trolley case, you can choose a cleaning brush with different materials;
  2. If not, you can directly use a soft clean cotton cloth instead, wet with water to remove the dust and dirt on the suitcase.
  3. After cleaning, gently wipe the trolley case with a dry cloth and dry it to avoid watermark and stain.
  4. Then store the suitcase in a cool and ventilated place to keep the bag dry, because once the suitcase gets damp, it may not only become moldy, but also become deformed.
  5. If your suitcase is soft, put a clean amount of paper wads or cotton shirts in it to keep the bag in shape.
  6. It is better to place the trolley case in the cabinet, so as to avoid improper extrusion and deformation of the case and bag.
How to Store The Trolley Case Correctly 1

Trolley cases should not be stored in the following conditions:

  1. Don’t put them in damp places such as warehouses, garages and basements. These places have same characteristics: dark, damp, not ventilated, and high humidity. However, someone still think that their basement is dry enough and they also placed lamp in the room. Actually, this is not enough. No matter how you give basement ventilated or it is pervious to light, the effect is bad all the time. Let’s be nice to our travel essentials and give them a good environment!
  2. Don’t put them on open balconies. Some friends think that the balcony of their house is big and they like to put the trolley case on the balcony. They think that the ventilation of the balcony is good and it is also convenient to take the trolley case on the balcony. But a windy place is not appropriate to put the luggage cases. Under long-term wind and sun, trolley cases will soon be damaged. Besides, the balcony has the high possibility of high humidity which is  not suitable for putting items.
  3. In a stuffy place with no ventilation, some environmental life cannot survive, and articles such as trolley cases are not suitable for long-term display. The trolley case is a travel supply and inevitably will be taken during the trip or in the car. But this does not mean that pull rod box particularly cortical pull rod box can be stored in the car for a long time. In hot and airless environment for a long time, the adhesion of the coating will be inflenced. And if the placement time is too long, even cortical surface of the trolley case will fall off. Some friends who like to travel will put the trolley box in the car for a long time. This is not a good habit for storing your trolley case.
  4. Don’t put other items in or on the trolley cases. Many friends use the trolley cases as the bottom items, which will make the trolley cases in a bad situation. This is not a good idea, whether you have a hard or soft trolley case. Long-term placement will make the luggage cases deformation. At present, most of the hard boxes of pull rod bought online are made of ABS+PC. The sellers all claim that their boxes can stand heavy things, but none of them dare to say that their boxes can stand heavy things for a long time. Dear friends, let’s put the trolley boxes separately.
How to Store The Trolley Case Correctly 2

Proper storage of suitcases and bags can prolong the service life of the trolley cases. Of course, choosing a good bag is the premise. Magicase is a professional luggage cases and bags factory, specializing in the production of high-quality cases and bags. If you are interested in our products, please contact us soon.


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