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Several Key Facts You Need To Know About A Briefcase

Briefcases are commonly used in our daily life. As a functional bag, we use a briefcase to hold documents, important papers or laptops during the journey to the office or on a business trip. How much do you know about a briefcase? This article will tell you several important facts about briefcases.

Several Key Facts You Need To Know About A Briefcase 1

What is a briefcase?

A briefcase is a narrow hard-sided box-shaped bag or case used mainly for carrying papers and equipped with a handle. briefcases are commonly used by lawyers to carry briefs to present to a court, hence the name. 

With time going by, there are a variety of briefcases to satisfy customers’ unique needs. As for the material, there are different types of briefcases leather briefcase, nylon briefcase, briefcase with shoulder strap, briefcase on wheels and so on. As for specific needs for different group of people, there are professional briefcases such as female lawyer briefcase, business briefcases bag and so on.

What’s the difference between a briefcase and an attache case?

In most situations, we will regard a briefcase and an attache case as the one kind of bag which can be used in some official occasions. Someone even combines these two terms for an “attache briefcase” . However, when we compare an attache case and a briefcase directly, they do have a unique history and distinctive qualities.

  • Attache case vs briefcase: a history

The word “attache” is a French term, referring to an administrative member of an ambassador’s staff. Initially, people use “attache”, an ultra-specific word, to describe a job. They have to do a lot of trivial work such as juggling papers, contacting with other staff members of ambassadors or planning some events to assist the ambassador.  Attaches, or Ambassadors’ staff, always carried their papers and documents in slim cases. This kind of cases became known as the attache case.

On the other hand, the word “briefcase” has its roots in the legal field. In law, a brief is a summary of facts and legal positions supporting arguments in judicial proceedings. Lawyers would carry their briefs in a case, as well as lawyer suitcase, which is called a briefcase now.

From the perspective of history, an attache and a briefcase are both cases that are used in a particular field and by a specific group of people.

  • Attache case vs briefcase: Features

An attache case is small and thin case that opens into two distinct and symmetrical compartments. This case surely has room for documents or laptops. Additionally, attache cases are made of leather or metal.

Compared to the attache case, a briefcase is a flat and rectangular container that usually opens into one main compartment. A briefcase is usually used for carrying books, pens or laptops.

Several Key Facts You Need To Know About A Briefcase 2

Why should you choose a briefcase?

  • Advantages of a briefcase

A briefcase originated from the legal field and was widely used by lawyers or staff in legal field initially. The history of the briefcase has determined its irreplaceability in the field of professional business bags. Compared to normal bags and cases, the design of a briefcase is more suitable for businessmen to take documents, laptops or other important things. There are multifunctional compartments in a briefcase which makes your journey more convenient.

  • About Magicase briefcase
Several Key Facts You Need To Know About A Briefcase 3

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