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A detailed guide on how to import business bag from China

Business bags are a necessity for most business men and women around the world. They are used to hold our belongings and store items during our daily work or business trips.

After reading this guide, you can find the best choice of good quality and reasonable price from many certified business bag manufacturers in China.

Step 1: What kind of business bags to import

To begin with, you should have a better idea of the bags you want to import. There are many different types of business bags including briefcases, computer bags and computer backpacks, and the decision to choose which one should be determined by your business needs.

You can read our business bag manufacturer selection guide which offers several useful tips to get more detailed information in case you are still confused.

Also, keep in mind that the type of business bag and its properties, such as volume and weight, can certainly affect everything from shipping costs, taxes and the price of the order. Finally, don’t be in too much of a hurry when finalizing your order.

Step 2: Where to find Business Bag Manufacturers from China

1. Google search

If you search for ” best business bag manufacturers” on Google, the first page will show results such as follows:

  • “Best business bag supplier near you”;
  • “Business backpack manufacturers&suppliers”;
  • “Your reliable business bag manufacturer”

When looking for business bag suppliers in China, You have to go deeper than the first page of Google. you also have to use the right keywords. To search for business bag companies using the keywords ” wholesaler”, “supplier” or “manufacturer”.

2. B2B platforms

  • Alibaba

Many suppliers of business bags can be found on Alibaba. For this reason, you have a much wider range of choices. But before picking any supplier, you must check whether it is a trading company or a factory.

By partnering with a factory, you can get direct communication with the manufacturer. In case of a problem, you can easily contact them and file a complaint. In addition, the manufacturer is more likely to offer you business bags at a lower price.

  • Made-in-china

made-in-china.com establishes strong business relationships with some of China’s leading business bag manufacturers, which offers drop shipping services to buyers from various parts of the world. You can get detailed messages about any product you want.

The site has high vetting standards and it charges high costs. Therefore, the chances of finding a credible supplier on this platform are relatively high. However, the MOQ on this platform is higher than you might expect on Alibaba.

  • Global Sources

Global Sources provides lots of business bag suppliers. The possibility of finding a trusted one on this platform can be relatively high. Like made-in-china, this site requires higher fees and auditing standards.

In addition, it is easy for you to find a direct manufacturer on this platform. Thus, if you want customized business bags, this site is a good choice. Suppliers there are professional too, yet the MOQ is a bit high.

3. Trade shows

Another way to find trusted manufacturers of business bags in China is to visit trade shows and fairs such as Canton Fair Autumn and Shanghai International Leather Handbags Exhibition.

The trade show is an ideal place to personally experience the current trends regarding business bags. apart from that, visiting a fair is also a good opportunity to meet and communicate with the top manufacturers in a certain industry.

4. Sourcing agent

If you can’t visit China in person, you can hire a sourcing agent who can perform the task for you, however, there are both advantages and disadvantages to sourcing agents.

Experienced agents can identify problems with the product. At the same time, the buyer’s interests can be defended in the negotiation and closing process. However, the cost of purchase becomes higher because the agent charges a commission

Step 3: How to import wholesale business bags from china

If it is the first time you import wholesale travel backpacks from China, there could be many things for you to learn. Not only do you need to make efforts in sorting out scams on trading platforms, but also in placing orders for samples.

Any of these steps can’t be neglected, otherwise, your first order could become a huge disaster. The following are essential things to consider when importing business travel backpacks.

1. Design

The business backpack manufacturer will ask you to email the image you want to reproduce so that they can draw the artwork. Then, the sample bags will be sent to you for your approval.

Ask the business bag manufacturer if they can accommodate the shape, material and size according to your needs. Besides, ask if the supplier can make the features you want, like zippers and pockets. If not, you should pick another manufacturer.

2. Sample

A sample is an item that you intend to order from a business bag manufacturer. Get samples from different factories so that you can compare qualities. When it comes to finding custom bags, the manufacturer should make a real sample you want.

Next, they will then send it to you, which can help you make the final decision. Besides, a good manufacturer guarantees the quality of their bags. Thus, if the quality of final products doesn’t match the initial sample, they should offer remanufacture service for you.

3. MOQ

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is one of the important terms to be used when you communicate with potential manufacturers. It means the amount of units you need. There are two types of MOQs – product MOQ and order MOQ.

Product MOQ indicates the minimum amount of units you must order, while Order MOQ indicates the total order quantity. And even then, the MOQ is negotiable. All you have to do is get in touch with the supplier to ask for it.

4. Shipping

Shipping costs are a large proportion of the total cost of your business bag order. Therefore, it is critical to keep your costs as low as you can. The larger your order, the lower the shipping cost may be.

The following are several main shipping methods to import bags from China:

  • Regular Post
  • Courier
  • Air Freight
  • Sea Freight


To successfully import business bags from China, you should search for trustworthy bag suppliers and manufacturers.

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